Step Walk is a new generation orthosis developed for the use of dorsiflexor paresis patients. When the patient lifts his/her foot while walking, it prevents the foot from crawling on the ground and enables the patient to take a step comfortably.

It provides the user with a more comfortable, lighter and more flexible walking. Due to the light weight of the carbon fiber composite material, the user does not feel any extra weight and a comfortable walk is provided.

The rod attachment points that connect the carbon composite parts are located on the outside of the plate. In this way, it does not come into contact with the patient’s skin and does not deform it.

It is designed in accordance with the anatomical structure of the foot and does not cause any discomfort to the lateral and medial malleol areas of the foot.

The parts in contact with the body of Step Walk Carbon Afo are supported by soft pads to prevent deformation and increase comfort.