Our Company Bionest was founded in 2019 in the Organized Industrial Zone of Manisa and has taken a place in the global market with the capacity of being a technology company producing innovative products for the prosthetics & orthotics industry.

Our company, consisting of a staff that has long years’ experience in this field, is dedicated to use all the expertise and know-how gained throughout time to produce high technology products. Bionest is producing cutting-edge technology products in compliance with the standards of ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 – the quality management systems- , ISO 22196:2011 test standarts and the CE norms thanks to the production parkour holding machining, carbon-composite systems, gel and chemistry technology processes under its roof.  In other words, the company has a sound infrastructure in manufacturing modular prosthetic parts, carbon feet and gel liner products.

The company has been sustaining the efforts to increase the product portfolio, functionality and quality of products through R&D and design projects developed by a staff, consisting of mechanical engineers, bioengineers and technicians specialized in this field. Our R&D projects continue in our office located in the Technology Development Zone under the University of Manisa Celal Bayar, which also means that these projects are under progress in cooperation with the university.

Our company aims at manufacturing high quality products for affordable prices within and outside the country and has been exporting to more than 40 countries within this direction.  Our efforts within this framework have been ongoing to expand our borders to as many countries as we can to achieve our goals.

Our company has been pursuing the developing technology in this field and is making its best to manufacture high quality products for patients located anywhere in the world.